NJ Zombie Beauty Pageant and New Zombie Book!

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Greetings Ghouls!

Hope everyone had a bloody good holiday season! We’re in the planning stages for our 6th annual springtime NYC Zombie Crawl which will take place on Sunday, May 27th in Brooklyn! Mark your calenders, we’ll have more info in the coming months!

For those who cant wait to get their zombie on, this Saturday, February 18th Gorgeous and Gory Pinups is hosting a Zombie Beauty Pageant in New Jersey starting at 9pm at Roxy & Dukes (745 Boundbrook Road, Dunellen, NJ). Check out www.gorgeousandgory.com for more detail and contact jessie@gorgeousandgory.com if you want to enter the pageant! Rounds include the Toxic Talent portion, bloody bathing-suit, eternal evening attire and more!

Also, there is a new zombie book which has just been released, “Zombie Eye for the Living Guy“, from Marion Street Press. Through cultivating the undeniable charisma of the living dead, you, too, can have zombie sex appeal. Richly photographed by Alexander Colby, this advice book explains how you can dress, groom, exercise, eat, date, decorate, and shamble like a real zombie. You can buy it now, and we’ll have a few copies for raffle prizes at the next NYZ event! Check out the trailer below!

Zombie Holiday Beauty Pageant at Beauty Bar NYC Dec 18th!

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UPDATE: Thanks to all our bloody, sexy holiday zombies who participated and partied at the pageant! We had a blast, much thanks to Michael Stewart and Erica at the Beauty Bar as well as our judges Steve Dash (Jason from Friday the 13th Pt 2), Jess Raj from the Gorgeous and Gory Pinups, Goddess Shea and Our Lady of Perpetual PMS from the Gorgeous Ladies of Blood Wrestling!

Check out some pictures from the madness courtesy of Driven By Boredom (NSFW) and Barry Brown!

The 5th Annual Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie Beauty Pageant at the NYC Beauty Bar is on Sunday, December 18th starting at 9pm – 231 E 14th St btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave! As always it’s FREE but you must be 21 + to enter!

Come get bloody and have some ghoulish holiday fun! Prizes for sexiest and most festive zombies! XXXmas zombies, Hanukkah zombies, Kwanza Zombies, Festivus Zombies or whatever you celebrate! All are welcome!

As always the NYC Zombie Crawl will be providing makeup to the beautiful contestants in the Beauty Pageant (Females only) but it is recommended that contestants come in your original zombie best to the event! We’re happy to help you with your costume or any appliances or makeup you bring as well but a big part of the contest is how original you are!

If you want to be a part of the main pageant, please email Michael Stewart at Michael@thebeautybar.com with your name and basic contact info. Contestest are judged on costume & looks as well as a talent portion and a few other surprises!

We’ll also be doing a holiday  zombie costume contest as well so guys and gals can all compete in that separately from the pageant, you just sign up for that at the event!

Hosted by Michael T and Zombie Ringleader Doug Sakmann and featuring celebrity guest judges TBA!

Check out some photos from Nate ‘Igor’ Smith’ on the Village Voice from last year event (NSFW) to see a small fraction of what’s in store!
Also, check out some new photos from the Halloween 2011 NYC Zombie Crawl here!

D20 Zombie Burlesque and more holiday hijinks!

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Greetings Ghouls!

It’s been a busy zombie season, so much so that we’ve not had time to do a proper wrapup of all the madness from October! I’ll give you a little briefing below to hold you over but first want to let you know that the zombie gatherings will extend into December this year!

The next event we’re sponsoring is the D20 Zombie Burlesque show on Sat, November 26th in NYC! The show is a monthly event of nerdy burlesque (aka Nerdlesque) with a different geeky theme every month and this month it’s zombies! The action take place at the Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston, New York, NY 10002) with a show at 9:30p and 11:30p, it’s 21+ and you can buy tickets here now! NYC Zombie Crawl will be donating some prizes for the raffle.

Then in December we’ll be doing our 5th annual Zombie Beauty Pageant at the Beauty Bar NYC – date and more details coming soon!

Now onto the October madness! Much thanks to our sponsors Pabst Blue Ribbon, Zombie Booth and Halloween Adventure for the support! We began with the 4th annual NYC Zombie Crawl on October 16th. Check out the full NSFW wrapup at DRIVEN BY BOREDOM. Angelo Moore from Fishbone AKA Dr. MaddVibe shot a music video and performed along with our pals Nassau Chainsaw DisGraCeLand Demolition Committee and God’s Green Earth. Unfortunately the same night we found out our dear friend Spliff, founder of DisGraCeLand had passed away so the night was in honor of him. We raised some money for his funeral, thanks to everyone who donated and participated.

After that we headed to Chicago for the Rise of the Stripping Dead event where the NYC Zombie Crawl provided makeup for all of the performers for 4 nights in a row as well as performed a Zombie Fetish Sideshow edition of Strip for Pain. Our friends Miss Crash and Masuimi Max did some epic performances along with new friends Mosh and Narcissister and we bled all over Chicago. The shows went so well we’ll be taking it on the road next year so NYC watch out!!

The following week in Chicago we presented The XXXorcist and Re-Penetrator LIVE shows with Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol and Pheonix Askani, where we continued to bleed and vomit all over Chicago for a 2nd week.

Then we went back to NYC and did it again at the SMack Halloween Fetish Ball.

And finally Halloween arrived and we finished off the month with Jagermeister, doing zombie makeup for their float in the NYC Halloween Parade.

Of course, we could not have done all of this alone. Thanks so much to all the makeup artists who helped out at the NYC Zombie Crawl and in Chicago including Steve Saturn, Jessica Laskaris, Chrisine Conley, Zee Gustafson and countless others…mad props to Zac Amico and Michelle Crouchelli for helping pull together the XXXorcist set in NY…my cloaked partners in crime Nick Danger and Zafer Ulkucu and the lovely Goddess Shea for helping out the whole month through! And to everyone who supported our madness – Michael Stewart and the Beauty Bar, Arlene’s Grocery and the Contentinal, Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown and the Admiral Theater, Sidney Scarlett, Xris Smack, the Jagermeister folks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, ZombieBooth and all of the Burning Angel crew! And finally my DisGraCeLand Family – it was a tough month but Spliff would be proud. Also want to send love out to another member of DisGraCeland who passed away recently, the ever lovin Peter Tabaco (pictured below on the right). RIP Brother.

Until we bleed again, remember Blood is law!
– Doug Sakmann, Zombie Ringleader

Here is a video clip of just a portion of the zombies at the NYC Zombie Crawl on Oct 16th – thanks to Zombies Worldwide

Also check out a performance from God’s Green Earth from the October 16th event!

Halloween NYC Zombie Crawl – Sunday, October 24th!

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Greetings Boils and Ghouls!

It’s that time of year again, when zombies rise from the grave in search of booze, brains and a bloody good time! We have a lot of bloodshed happening all over New York to celebrate!

Our main crawl event on Sunday, October 24th in Manhattan! We’ll be starting in the Union Square area at 5pm at the Beauty Bar (231 E 14th St in Manhattan btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave). You must be 21+ to get into the Beauty Bar but all ages zombies are invited to crawl with us through the streets if they’d like.

At 7pm, the zombies will depart from the Beauty Bar and be unleashed on Manhattan with a photo oppertunity in Union Square and a stop in the Union Square Whole Foods for a canned food drive for the homeless!

It all ends at 10pm at the 5th Annual Zombie Beauty Pageant with Drop Dead Gorgeous at the Beauty Bar, Hosted by Michael T (Rated X) and yours truly, Doug Sakmann, Zombie Ringleader of the NYC Zombie Crawl – www.beautybar.com (Bring your ID, the afterparty is a 21+ event)

***Please come as a member of the undead, we will have very limited makeup stations at this crawl. You are invited to bring your own makeup and help zombify yourself and others if you’d like.

We’ve also got other zombie events we’re involved with including;

ALL MONTH – Blood Manor NYC with Disgraceland Hook Squad (542 W 27th Btwn 10th and 11th ave, NYC) Go to the website for info!

Oct 23rd – 7pm Thrill The World – Michael Jackson’ Thriller dance around the world in Coney Island – Go to the website for details!

Oct 29th, 8pm, The Zombie Prom at the Delancey (168 Delancey St btwn Clinton and Attorney)

October 30th – 10pm – Brooklyn – END OF THE WORLD Zombie Attack! – Masonic Temple – 317 Clermont St, Brooklyn –

10pm – Manhattan – SMACK! Halloween Fetish Ball at Touch Nightclub (240 W 52nd St, NYC) – 3 floors with live performance by Bellameurte

Oct 31st – 9pm, Rocky Horror 35th Anniversary Halloween Bash with Michael T and Rocky Horror LIVE at Midnight – Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker St) – 2am Rocky Horror Costume Contest and lots of zombie madness!

More info on all this madness soon! Stay tuned!! http://www.nyczombiecrawl.com

Also, we’re currently in production on the zombie movie ‘The Reunion’ directed by Jeff Stewart , thanks to all the zombies that came out on Oct 16th!

Until we bleed again..
Doug Sakmann
Zombie Ringleader