Zombies support Survivors of Institutional Abuse May 3rd in Times Square

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The NYC Zombie Crawl is helping to support a great cause, ‘Survivors of Institutional Abuse‘ (SIA) on May 3rd. The theme is ‘Don’t Be A Zombie’ to drive home the point of not being a walking dead when it comes to Teen abuse in these Institutions. We’re helping to coordinate a Zombie Demonstration in Times Square on Saturday, May 3rd from 1-4pm and ask that any zombies who want to volunteer their time meet up with the group in the lobby of the New Yorker Hotel in Times Square at 11am or on the street at 1pm at 46th and Broadway in Times Square. You should arrive already in zombie makeup, but non-zombies are welcome as well. Contact Steven Kimbrough to RSVP and get more details at steven@sia-now.org.

The “Don’t Be A Zombie” Demonstration in Times Square at 46th & Broadway, New York, NY will be on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, in association with the SIA Convention 2014, scheduled for May 1- 4th, 2014 at the New Yorker Hotel. The event will have private screenings of movies, peer-lead discussion groups, and talks from survivors and supporters of SIA. The aim of SIA to bring awareness and to give each survivor a voice. We stand together – “United as One Voice” Come and let your voice be heard. The SIA Organization is a nonprofit 501c3 dedicated to bring awareness to the subject of Institutional Child Abuse as well as helping survivors on their journey of recovery. You can get info on the organization and events at http://www.sia-now.org

Zombie Blast Energy Shot is also working with us to lend a helping hand for the cause. This new product is not available in many places but you can buy it at a special discounted rate through the NYC Zombie Crawl and the proceeds go towards the SIA cause.



NYC Zombie Crawl in Times Square Documentary

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Last October we got hired by Sony Pictures to create a NYC Zombie Crawl event for the NYC Premiere of ‘Zombieland’ with Woody Harrelson. We did a huge crawl through the middle of Times Square and was one of our biggest events to date…we had over 600 Zombies! Zombie lover and filmmaker John Morgan was on hand to document the madness and made a 15 minute documentary on the whole event, check it out below!

Also, our good friend Nate “Igor” Smith from DrivenByBoredom.com was on hand and got some killer shots of the action, you can check out his full report and gallery here!

“I am not sure if you have ever seen well over 600 zombies running down Broadway a 8PM on a Thursday, but I can tell you this… the police hadn’t. There is a police station in the middle of Times Square and there were cops everywhere. They had no idea how to handle this. They would arrive on the scene, pull out their batons, and then sort of put them back, looking confused. The mob almost got out of hand when zombies started attacking cars and knocking over chairs and tables, but after several cop cars with sirens blazing started escorting the zombies down Broadway, things calmed down a bit. That did not stop a limo driver from punching a zombie or stopping a 16 Wheeler from crashing into a Lexus outside the movie theater. How does he explain a zombie attack to his insurance company?”

PRESS: 'Zombieland' event with Sony Pictures

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Sept 30th 2009 – Zombieland event through Times Square:

Check out the cool 15 minute documentary “More Dead Than Alive” that zombie lover and filmmaker John Morgan made about the NYC Premiere of ‘Zombieland’ with Woody Harrelson. We did a huge crawl through the middle of Times Square and was one of our biggest events to date…we had over 600 Zombies!
See PART 1 here and PART 2 here!

Galleries :

Driven By Boredom – Nate “Igor” Smith
WCBS – News Radio 1080
Marie Alyse Rodriguez/NY2night.com & Philly2nite.com
Vampire Freaks
Photo Burns
Village Voice

You Tube videos:

Time Out NY
L Magazine

Zombieland – September 30th 2009

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Crawl Details : TIMES SQUARE NYC
Wednesday, September 30th – 6pm
NYC Zombie Crawl Presents ZOMBIELAND!

Free Screening and Crawl through the City!
Starts at the Mean Fiddler – All Ages!
266 W 47th ST New York, NY 10036

Get Halloween started early with the first NYC Zombie Crawl of the season! We’re teaming up with Sony Pictures to present a special sneak preview of the new movie “Zombieland” with Woody Harrelson! We’re going to be crawling through Times Square to the AMC Empire Theater (234 West 42nd Street, between 8th and Broadway) at 9pm, but you can only get into the screening if you are a zombie!

To get zombified, join us from 6pm-8pm for the first stop, THE MEAN FIDDLER (266 W 47th ST
New York, NY 10036)! The first stop is ALL AGES and everyone can join us on the crawl, but the Movie is Rated R so you have to be 17+ to get in!

At the Mean Fiddler, can get some flesh, some food and and booze and a ticket to the screening and then we’ll hit the streets to paint the town blood red! You may even get to meet some of the stars of the movie!

Zombieland hits theaters nationwide on Friday, October 2nd, but this is your only chance to
see it before then, for FREE!

A zombie horror comedy directed by Ruben Fleischer, with Woody Harrelson,
Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Bill Murray and more!

Some notes about the crawl:
– There is a chance the zombie mob will deviate from this route during the crawl, and make a few additional stops (Zombies are very unpredictable)! However, we will be at all the planned stops and destinations at the estimated times.
– Please be respectful of civilians, public and private property!