The Latest: June 3rd

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The Latest: June 3rd

Thanks to all the undead who attended the May 30th events in Brooklyn! There were so many sick looking ghouls and we had a bloody good time! You can see some photos on Time Out NY, and don’t forget to add your photos to the Facebook group!

So many pictures and video were taken, we’ll have a wrap up very soon…in the meantime we’ve added a number of images to our slideshow from the Facebook group – thanks to Autumn Eget, Jason Tamvakis, Ron ‘Spidey’ Gejon, Jackie Schaefer, Jennifer Barger, Kasia Kowalczyk, Lilly Frances, Michele Witchipoo, Nicole Goldberg, Sam Moon Rafferty, Tree Lanka and more!

Thanks to all of our awesome makeup artists for helping out as well as Bobby Steele and the Undead (who ROCKED the afterparty) The Charleston, Disgraceland Hook Squad, The Raspberry Bros, the Knitting Factory, DJ Jeremy Bastard, Gallery Books, Ryan Brown, Troma, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Halloween Adventure.

If you can’t wait for more zombie action, on June 11th our friends at the Philly Zombie Crawl are having a ZOMBIE BEACH PARTY at the Trocadero in Philly! We’ll be having the Philly premiere of the Play Dead Redband trailer and tons more zombie action, get the DETAILS HERE!

Until we bleed again…
Doug Sakmann
Zombie Ringleader

Zombies in NY Press!

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From NY Press:

Williamsburg residents have recently been terrified by vandalizing ninjas. Now zombies are set to roam the streets. Fear not, they come in peace. On May 30, Doug Sakmann – director of the upcoming zombie football film Play Dead—will unleash his annual Zombie Crawl on the neighborhood.

The crawls began in 2007 with a few hundred zombie diehards, but have grown into family-friendly events that had about 700 zombies running through Times Square last October. “It was marketed toward our specific crowd of horror movie people,” explained Sakmann. “It has grown to everyone disgusted by zombies, wished they were zombies, or has some sort of thoughts on zombies.”

In honor of Play Dead (watch the trailer here), this year’s crawl will have a sports theme, so expect tons of zombie jocks escorting their zombie cheerleaders to the zombie football game and zombie versus human tug of war in McCarren Park. Sakman suggests people come to the crawl already “zombified” but there will be free makeup stations for those not brave enough to turn themselves into an undead.

Despite the recent upswing of vampires into the cultural zeitgeist, Sakmann expects to get his biggest turnout of zombies to date. He’s protective of his beloved zombies and dismisses the vampire obsessions. He says they come in waves and tend to get overstated. “In certain circles, zombies have always been the new vampires.”

There is a bit of a rivalry between the two camps as evidenced by the vampire enthusiasts that often show up to terrorize the zombie crawlers. In the end, Sakmann doesn’t think vampires pose a serious threat to his crawls or line of work. “Zombies will always prevail because they can walk in the sun.”

Play Dead: The Movie

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We just completed principal photography on a fun zombie football project called “Play Dead”, directed by Doug Sakmann and based on a novel by Ryan Brown. You can stay tuned to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE here for pictures, video, up-to-date details and more!

About ‘Play Dead’:

A horror/thriller/comedy in the spirit of ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Shawn of the Dead’. The story centers on zombies bent on revenge in a football-obsessed town. When a high school football team is murdered by a rival team, a local witch brings the dead players back to life as zombies so they can trounce their rivals in one last game and save their own souls….

The Latest: April 18th

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NEW WEBSITE!! Been developing this for a few months between projects with Michael Andrade – Web designer ninja – zombie extraordinaire! He did the whole layout and blood themes and rocked it hardcore! If you need a website done, see this guy!

Now onto the news!! The NYC Zombie Crawl Logo Design Contest Ends on April 20th – Submit your entries here – INFO BELOW! The 2010 logo is going to replace the last winning logo at the top of this site and go on all the promo material for NYC  Zombie Crawl events. And I am also going to tattoo it on my body! We are getting some AWESOME entries, it’s gonna be a tough decision!

We’re going to be announcing details very soon on our main springtime crawl for SUNDAY, MAY 30th in BROOKLYN! Stay tuned!

Also, Principal Photography on ‘Play Dead’ is complete, a zombie football project I directed!  Check the official website for pictures, video and up-to-date news!

We had fun on April 9th with Author Roger Ma at Barnes and Noble in Park Slope, Brooklyn! Check out the wrap up and pictures from the first zombie event of the 2010 season – Zombie Combat Manual Signing and Demonstration!

– NYC Zombie Crawl 2010 Logo Contest!

Now for the 2010 Logo Contest; We’re looking for zombie designs that incorporate any of the following elements; NYC – Patriotic – Futuristic and/ or end of the world.

The winning logo will not only be used on the new website and all surrounding promo material for the 2010 NYC Zombie Crawls, and receive a lot of cool prizes and acclaim, but it will also be tattooed onto me, the zombie ringleader of the NYC Zombie Crawl!

That’s right, just check out the result from the last winner of the NYC Zombie Crawl logo contest, E.J. Matos! His logo was not only made into a banner and used on the website and all the posters and flyers but was also tattooed on my body!

So get those entries into us ASAP, we need to find a winning entry no later than April 20th 2010 for the new website to be ready for the next crawl! Send you entries to!

You may think, why would we want an end of the world theme? Well outside of the fact that 2012 is impending, we’ve heard rumors of something that is happening much sooner, on April 27th. All that is known now is available here– we’ll post more info as we find details out! Lots more on the way so stay tuned!

Until we crawl again, remember, Blood is law!

– Doug Sakmann, Zombie Ringleader

PS: Check out Zombie Combat Manual – Training Video 9278 – Melee Fighting here to defend yourself against the inevitable and impending zombie apocalypse.