Real Zombies take over Brooklyn – News report on NYC Zombie Crawl

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Check out this cool news report on the NYC Zombie Crawl in May of 2011 – Real Zombies Taking Over Brooklyn! Please reach out to your friends and family and make sure they are safe. Please reach out to all of your loved ones in Brooklyn and make sure they are OK!

Segment Creators: Mike Feldman, Nicole Teeny
Director of Photography: Christine Ng
Music: Kevin Graham
Graphics: Jennifer Kahn
For more info see !

The Latest: March 24th 2010

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– Casting for Zombie Horror Comedy this Sat March 27th in Philly! Click here for all the details!
Come be a part of zombie history, we have a lot of roles we’re looking to fill!

– Friday, April 9th – First Zombie Event of the season!
– NYC Zombie Crawl 2010 Logo Contest!

We are gearing up for an amazing spring season for zombies! The ground has thawed out and the ghouls can break free and thaw their rotting flesh in the sun! We’ve got a lot of cool events and a new website on the way but we now need a new logo for 2010! More info on this below, but first here is info on the first zombie event of the season! We’ll also be announcing the main event at the end of May in Brooklyn soon too!

Friday, April 9 at 7:30pm – Brooklyn NY
Free zombie combat lecture, demonstration, and zombie makeup design!
Join author Roger Ma and graphic artist Y.N. Heller as they sign copies of
THE ZOMBIE COMBAT MANUAL: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead.
Park Slope Barnes and Noble store, 267 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Check out the Zombie Combat Club for more on the book!

NYC Zombie Crawl will be on hand, providing makeup for civilians looking to be zombified, with a secret after party TBA! Stay tuned for more info, we’re going to have some exclusive video and other cool stuff related to the book soon!

Now for the 2010 Logo Contest; We’re looking for zombie designs that incorporate any of the following elements; NYC – Patriotic – Futuristic and/ or end of the world.

The winning logo will not only be used on the new website and all surrounding promo material for the 2010 NYC Zombie Crawls, and receive a lot of cool prizes and acclaim, but it will also be tattooed onto me, the zombie ringleader of the NYC Zombie Crawl!

That’s right, just check out the result from the last winner of the NYC Zombie Crawl logo contest, E.J. Matos! His logo was not only made into a banner and used on the website and all the posters and flyers but was also tattooed on my body!

So get those entries into us ASAP, we need to find a winning entry no later than April 20th 2010 for the new website to be ready for the next crawl! Send you entries to!

You may think, why would we want an end of the world theme? Well outside of the fact that 2012 is impending, we’ve heard rumors of something that is happening much sooner, on April 27th. All that is known now is available here– we’ll post more info as we find details out! Lots more on the way so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out the cool 15 minute documentary “More Dead Than Alive” that zombie lover and filmmaker John Morgan made about the NYC Premiere of ‘Zombieland’ with Woody Harrelson. We did a huge crawl through the middle of Times Square and was one of our biggest events to date…we had over 600 Zombies!
See PART 1 here and PART 2 here!

Until we bleed again, remember, Blood is Law!
Doug Sakmann
Zombie Ringleader, NYC Zombie Crawl

PRESS: Brooklyn – May 31st 2009

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NYC Zombie Crawl – Brooklyn – May 31st 2009

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