Disgraceland still needs our help! Please donate today!

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As many of you may remember back in July of 2010, a terrible car accident severely injured several members our friends in the Disgraceland Hook Squad. Thankfully Robby, Brandon and Jill have all recovered. However Arwen “Spliff” Rosa, the father of Disgraceland is still in need of constant medical care and rehabilitation.

Spliff and Disgraceland have always been there to work with us on the live shows with the NYC Zombie Crawl as well many other amazing events. Spliff has done so much for the suspension and sideshow communities over the years and he needs our help now more than ever! Below is info on the situation as well as updates as of January 1st 2011; even if you can donate $10 every little bit helps! Spliff’s wife Jill is about 8 weeks away from having their baby on top of all this and they need to get back to NYC, we need to raise $20,000 ASAP!!


On their way from Texas to California, Arwen Rosa and his wife Jill were involved in a very serious car accident. Arwen was rendered unconscious and was airlifted to a hospital. Robby was also airlifted to the same hospital, with a collapsed lung. Jill, who is pregnant with their child, has recovered, however Arwen is still in need of constant medical care and rehabilitation.

From Jill – “His brain is functioning very well. He knows who we are and what we do. He remembers all of our friends, family, places we’ve been… Of course every now and then we still notice glitches. After all he did sustain a traumatic brain injury. He still doesn’t have much of a voice due to his tracheotomy, but we do communicate pretty well. As far as movement, he’s recently been moving his right arm. Not his fingers yet, but shoulder, elbow and wrist. He’s able to raise his arm enough to adjust his glasses on his nose. All of this is great news. Now for not so great. Arwen’s immune system is not working well. Right now he is in ICU with pneumonia for the 3rd time in 4 months. He’s had a very high fever and his white blood cells aren’t able to fight the infection. On the 28th he got a blood transfusion to help.”

Also, soon Jill will be caring for her husband and their new born baby, Odessa. She is due Early Spring 2011. Because of this, it is imperative that she and Arwen move back home to New York. (The two of them have been in Odessa and then Lubbock in Texas since the wreck happened while in route from Houston to California). Although they have been fortunate to have many visitors and financial support, it just wont be enough once their baby is born. Back in New York they both have family and a large support system.

From Jill – “Arwen is not getting the care he needs out here and there’s only a couple people who can physically help us. In New York we’ve got family, support system, lots of resources, everything we need. Not to mention our Baby girl is due in about 8 weeks! I have been trying to look into medical foundations and charities so far with no luck. Please help if you can.”

Because Arwen’s condition is still so severe, the only way to transport him home is by medical air transportation. Yes, this endeavor is huge and expensive. With all the care he needs the trip will cost $20,000 and need to be arranged quickly. Once the call comes in to say the bed is available they will only have 96 hours to make it from Odessa to New York. The costs do not end there, as medical care extends beyond transportation.


Disgraceland needs our Zombie Help!

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Our dear friends in the Disgraceland Hook Squad – Spliff, Jill, Robbie & Brandon were in a VERY Serious Car Accident this weekend. You may know them from some of our live shows with the NYC Zombie Crawl as well as Blood Manor. The have done so much for the suspension and sideshow communities over the years and now it’s time to give back. We’re going to be helping to coordinate fundraisers ASAP and anything you can donate right now would be amazing.

Click here to donate and for up-to-date info on the crew’s condition.

An advance Nassau Chainsaw track off the new album has been made available on iTunes for only .99 cents and all proceeds will also go to the Disgraceland medical fund, so you can buy the track and make a donation at the same time – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “REQUIP” NOW!

If you want to get involved in other ways, like promoting or performing or helping to set up a fundraiser, please email Razor at nassauchainsaw@gmail.com

“On their way from Texas to California, Spliff, Jill, Robby and Brandon were involved in a very serious car accident. Spliff was Driving, Brandon was shotgun, Jill behind Brandon and Robbie behind Spliff. The passenger side back tire blew out, the SUV started swerving and flipped 5 times. Spliff is still currently unconscious and in Critical Condition and has been airlifted to a hospital. Robby has also been airlifted to the same hospital and is also in critical condition. Jill and Brandon are badly bruised and cut up real bad, but both of them are coherent and seem to be ok.”

For a taste of Disgraceland check out the Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee’s music video for ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ featuring Spliff and Robbie with the rest of the crew;

Nassau Chainsaw “Behind Enemy Lines” from Backseat Conceptions on Vimeo.

Here are a few pics of Spliff and Jill in action on World Zombie Day at the Knitting Factory in October 2008;

World Zombie Day – Oct 26 2008

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WORLD ZOMBIE DAYClick here to see pics, video and press!

The October 08 crawl started at the BEAUTY BAR in the Union Square Area of Manhattan, the events included;

– Union Square for a group photo shoot
– A crawl through Whole Foods on Union Square to pick up canned goods
– Halloween Adventure (104 4th Ave @ 11th St, NYC) where zombies dropped off cans for our Zombie Can Drive for World Hunger
– Washington Square Park for a zombie massacre

Then at 8pm, the zombie crew crawled over to the Knitting Factory for The Living Dead Girlz Zombie Nation Tour!

Starring The Living Dead Girlz – Goreriffic Zombie Dance Troupe from San Francisco!
With Strip for Pain: America’s Most Dangerous Gameshow with the girls of Burning Angel.com!
Featuring Disgraceland Hook Squad – Body Suspensions and Mayhem!
Metla and Hardcore Sonic Destruction by:
Nassau Chainsaw
Jungle Junkies
Kissy Kamikaze
and more!!
ALL AGES – 8pm –

NYC Zombie Crawl Afflilated Groups

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Contact us at info@nyczombiecrawl.com if you are looking for zombies for any event, screening or project, have any questions, or if you are organizing your own zombie event! We’ll bring out the dead!

About the NYC Zombie Crawl:
Under the guidance of Ringleader Doug Sakmann, the NYC Zombie Crawl team works to make the zombie experience as genuine as possible through the combination of horrifying SFX make-up and organized events that unite brain-eaters from near and far. Since its inception, Sakmann and his crew have provided make-up and coordinated events for movie, book and video game releases, national touring acts, film productions, and many organized events including semi-annual massive zombie crawls through the wild streets of NYC and Brooklyn.

The NYC Zombie Crawl team has worked extensively in the business of transforming average humans into the living dead, having provided Zombie make-up and coordinated events for such clients as the Walking Dead/AMC, Tribeca Film Festival, NYC Comic Con, The Today Show,  NBC, MTV, Sony Pictures, Bravo TV, Simon & Schuster, SEGA  and Penguin Putnam Publishing to name a few.

Zombie Ringleader – Doug Sakmann

Having been in various states of life and afterlife throughout his film career, being a zombie comes naturally to Doug. After getting killed in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4 and playing the Zombie leader in Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker, he went on to play an undead killing machine in the Punk Rock Holocaust series. Behind the camera, Sakmann has over 15 years of SPFX experience, having created effects for many feature films as well as live events. Inspired by the Philly Zombie Crawl and a love of all things dead and undead, Sakmann gathers all his ghoulish friends together to take a bloody bite out of the Big Apple!

Halloween Adventure – For all your zombie makeup needs, check out the wide selection at one of the biggest and best Halloween stores in NYC! Mention “Zombie Crawl” and you’ll get 10% off your purchase! You can also find body parts and brain accessories to complete your zombie look! Located at 104 4th Ave @ 11th St in NYC. Also be sure to check out “Gothic Renaissance” next door to Halloween Adventure for all your goth needs!

Backseat Conceptions – Philadelphia based Backseat Conceptions is a film and video production company with roots in producing unique live promotions in the vein of the NYC Zombie Crawl. Backseat also has produced many horror and zombie themed movies and music videos.

Affiliated Groups:

DisGraceLanD HooK SquaD – The DHS crew are committed to presenting modern day flesh suspension in the rawest most primal way they possibly can. They are here to show the world that suspension isnt strictly a form of enlightenment, but also a very real recreational way to have pure simple fun. So come play with the DisGraceLanD family D-I-S-Gr-Ace LAND!!!!!!








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