May 25th Wrapup – 8th Annual Brooklyn Crawl Complete!

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Another amazing NYC Zombie Crawl! Thanks again to all who crawled with us! Special thanks to all the makeup artists, our buddies Zac Amico and Mark ToxicLife for assisting and of course all the awesome acts at the afterparty – FOR WHOM THE BELL JOELS, Screamin’ Rebel Angels, Skeletal Life, Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters, Rigor Mortis Revue, and Disgraceland Family Freakshow!! Also much thanks to our DJ Tim No 37, the Trash Bar and Bar Matchless & Pabst Blue Ribbon for the zombie fuel!

Our next big zombie event is ZOMBIE DAY WITH THE NY METS on Friday, June 13th! Tickets are a very special rate of only $21 through the NYC Zombie Crawl! Buy tickets here! With the ticket, you get a free Zombie Mets towel, access to the pre-party in the stadium and more! All the details are below in the next post with more coming soon!

We have plenty of photos, videos and press from the May 25th event, check out a portion below!

Official 8th annual Springtime Crawl through Brooklyn wrap video:


Driven By Boredom – Zombie Crawl PhotosZombie Afterparty Photos (NSFW)

Alan Bartnett Photography

Steven Rosen Photography


CBS NY Article – Watch Out For Your Brains

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Watch Out For Your Brains: Zombie Crawl Hits Brooklyn Sunday
By Lawrence Bonk

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If the lack of horrific beasties on the streets of Brooklyn has been keeping you asleep at night, then you might consider heading to Williamsburg weekend’s Zombie Crawl.

This annual scare-fest, now in its fourth year, turns the streets of Williamsburg into a relentless march of the undead. And the best part? You’ll be the zombies doing the crawling.

The event kicks off at the Knitting Factory Sunday at 6:00 p.m., when a team of trained makeup professionals will turn you and your friends into the zombies of your nightmares. Then you take to the streets to take part in the filming of a forthcoming horror sequel, Punk Rock Holocaust 3.

“Part of Punk Rock Holocaust 3 is getting the fans involved both as victims in the movie as well as filmmakers shooting footage so we’re using the NYC Zombie Crawl as a launch for that,” said Doug Sakmann, director of the film and organizer of the event. “Everyone can shoot footage with their phones, cameras, whatever – and then upload it.”

A slow traipse down Bedford is not all that will go on at this year’s crawl. The newly undead will end up at McCarren Park and then Public Assembly bar, where the organizers have arranged a host of gruesomely fun activities. There will be a lively game of tug-o-war, a Misfits cover band, zombie burlesque dancers and even comedy by the one and only Zombie Dangerfield.

In short, this is the perfect event to tide you over until Halloween.

The Zombie Crawl originated when Sakmann was inspired by the success of a similar event held in Philadelphia.

“Our friends at the Philly Zombie Crawl have been bleeding all over Philly since 2005 and when I saw there was no real zombie organization in NYC, I knew it was my destiny,” he said, noting how his event has grown through the years.

“The first crawl in May 2007, we had about 100 zombies but now we average between 700-1000 zombies per event.”

If you needed any proof that zombies have clawed their way back to mainstream culture – not to worry. There are more movies, television shows and comics than you can shake a bloodthirsty stick at. Even the US Government is getting in on the act.

“The Center for Disease Control just released a new section on their Web site about what to do in the possibility a zombie apocalypse.” Said Sakmann. “Obviously zombies are in the back of the public consciousness.”