VOTE NOW and watch ‘The Tap Dancer’ for ‘The ABC’s of Death’

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NSFW – Nudity and Gore!

Check out our friend J.D. Brown’s directorial debut, a short horror movie called ‘The Tap Dancer’ aka ‘T is for Tap Dance’.  The short is entered into the film competition for ‘The ABC’s of Death‘ a cool anthology feature film with 26 short films, each themed around a death related to each letter of the alphabet. The 26th director is for the letter ‘T’, which will be chosen by the submission with the most amount of votes on the website! ‘T is for Tap Dance’ is now on the website and YOU CAN VOTE HERE!!

The movie stars Nick Shellenberger, Tim Cronin, Ariella Cohen, Sarah Mostov and Aria Rae, and was assistant directed by Amy Glickman Brown, shot by Zafer Ulkucu with special effects by zombie ringleader Doug Sakmann.

Dorney Park Invaded, World Record Won!!

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For those who were a part of the Guinness World Record, you can order your own certificate to commemorate the event HERE!! Just use the ID# 359343 and code rcum6891RC to order it!

Much love and blood to all our zombies who came out to Dorney Park and helped us set a NEW Guinness world record! 330 Zombies who are the most costumed riders on an amusement ride!! We had over 1500 zombies in the park! Special thanks to our pals at the NJ Zombie Walk and Philly Zombie Crawl, Zombie Beach Party & Zombie Prom and of course NASSAU CHAINSAW DisGraceLand Demolition Committee for an amazing performance, the night wouldn’t have been the same without them!!

Here is a report with pictures and video from our good friends and Zombie sponsor, Shaw Promotion!

Check out some amazing photos from Eric Brown of Time Out NY!!

Check out more photos here!

Check out a video of the official announcement from Guinness about taking the World Record!

Here is cool video from the evening featuing zombies cut with the Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee set, shot and edited by Angelica Vanessa

NJ Zombie Walk Organizers Jason Meehan and Jess Rajs with zombie artist Goddess Shea and moi!

The next big NYC Zombie Crawl event will be on Sunday, October 16th in Manhattan- more info to come!!

Until we bleed again!

Doug Sakmann
-Zombie Ringleader
NYC Zombie Crawl

UPDATE: Dorney Park Zombie Invasion – August 18th

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UPDATE – The event is rain or shine! And be sure to bring an article of zombie clothing to be a part of the Guinness World record attempt!

The Zombie Invasion is this THURSDAY! If you want to catch the party bus or need a hotel room for Dorney next Thursday, August 18th – email me at with the subject DORNEY ZOMBIE TRANSPORT- ASAP with number of people and for more details!  For hotels, 4 to a room for $95 (split 4 ways) or you can get your own for $95 – Bus tix are looking to be between $30-40 round trip! You don’t have to take the bus to get a zombie hotel room, but just let us know and we will accommodate. We also have a VIP option, email for more details!

Buy your park tix here for $25 in advance – You want to get your tickets IN ADVANCE since the AT THE GATE price is $30 (an extra $5).

We’ll have 3 different tiers of zombie make up available at the park – Basic for $10, Advanced for $25 and Premium for $40 – with over 40 makeup artists applying it!

Also added are live music by Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee – featuring live flesh hook performances! Also performing live are The Sharkskins! There will also be some ghoulish DJs throughout the night as well.

We’re also going for a new Guinness Record – Most costumed riders on an Amusement Ride! In order for you to qualify for the record, you need to be in basic 3 color zombie makeup (base color, eye socket color and blood) as well as one article of zombie wardrobe (ripped shirt or some basic zombie costume). We will be providing zombie makeup at the park, but it’s up to you to bring a costume piece – just go to a thrift store or bring a shirt that you don’t mind getting messed up and we will do the rest!

And finally, we may have a few extra spots for makeup artists – if you are interested contact me at and we’ll see what we can do…we have over 40 makeup artists with more being confirmed now!

So overall, just get your tix in advance and let us know if you’d like to get on the bus or stay overnight with us! It’s going to be a zombie party!!

NYC Zombie Crawl is proud to be a part of the Dorney Park Zombie Invasion on August 18th! For one day Zombies will have control over the park!

We’re working with the Philly Zombie Crawl and NJ Zombie Crawl to create the ultimate east coast zombie experience! It’s a full day of fun at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom at a discounted price, only $25 for full access to the park during normal hours (9am-8pm)! Then from 8pm-Midnight only zombies have access to the park!

We’ll have a special ZOMBIES ONLY area of the park where the east coast’s top SPFX makeup artists will be making up zombies as well as a buffet, bands, a costume contest, drink specials for zombies over 21, and much more madness!! We’re also going to attempt to break some Guinness World Records as well!

Much more info coming soon, but you can buy your tickets here!! A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting the NYC Zombie Crawl!

May 29th Crawl Wrapup!

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Thanks to all our zombie masses who came out in full effect on Sunday! We had well over 1000 undead mobbing Bedford avenue! Much thanks to all our makeup artists as well as Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Knitting Factory, Public Assembly, Disgraceland Hook Squad, Ghouls Night Out, The Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling, Jessica Delfino and Zombie Dangerfield!

Check out some photo gallery action from GOTHAMIST, SHAW PROMOTION and DRIVEN BY BOREDOM (NSFW)! You can also see Igor’s photos on the VILLAGE VOICE website from the Crawl and Afterparty (NSFW). You can also check out more photos on TIME OUT NY. We have so many photos and videos to sort through and we’ll have the best ones here soon. In the meantime, you can add and check out photos on Facebook, and check out all the filmmaker entries from the first Punk Rock Holocaust 3 shoot in the playlist below! You can vote on your favorite clips by clicking on the video you like in the playlist and voting “LIKE” on it’s Youtube page. We’ll add up the votes and the best footage will be incorporated into the movie! You can enter your own videos from this event with the tag “NYCPRH2011” on Youtube! You can also get more info on the project at!

You can check out some of the great press we received for the crawl at CBS NY, FANGORIA & TIME OUT NY

Until we bleed again…

Doug Sakmann
Zombie Ringleader

Springtime Crawl – Sunday, May 29th!

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Check out the feature on CBS NY that came out today! This afternoon we crawl! We’ll have a Pabst Blue Ribbon open bar from 5-6pm before the crawl and the all-girls Misfits cover band GHOULS NIGHT OUT will be performing at the afterparty for the 4th Annual Springtime Zombie Crawl! We’ll also have a zombie photo booth and a Hot Zombie contest as well!!

The Punk Rock Holocaust shoot tomorrow marks the beginning of the PRH Filmmaker contest – upload any video you shoot at the crawl on YouTube with the tag”NYCPRH2011″ and you will be entered automatically! In the weeks following the crawl, you can vote for your favorite submissions on!

On Sunday, May 29th we’ll begin 4pm at Knitting Factory Brooklyn (361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211) with our usual FREE zombie meetup! For 2 hours, zombies of all ages are invited to hang out while our zombie technicians will be providing makeup for civilians who wish to become undead! Zombies over 21+ can drink with some great drink specials including $1 off all beers and $2 off all liquor! Shot and Bloody Mary specials as well as more surprises!

At 6pm, we will take our annual trek down Bedford Avenue! Only this time, we’ll be shooting a scene for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 while we crawl, a zombie attack on the hipsters of Brooklyn! We’re looking for some victims to be eaten by the zombie masses and everyone is invited to help shoot the scene as well. If you have a camera bring it, or just use your smart phone! We’ll be awarding prizes for the best footage! You can upload your videos to YouTube with the tag “NYZPRH2011” and you’re entered! It’s that easy! Email with the subject PRH3 Shoot to get more info and sign up to be involved!

Zombies will make their way down Bedford to McCarron Park where we’ll have some zombie fun and games at about 6:45 including a human tug-o-war with Disgraceland Hook Squad (not for the weak of heart) and more! Then we’ll make our way back down Bedford, stopping along the way here and there and heading to Public Assembly (70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211) at 8:30pm for;

The NYC Zombie Crawl after party – 21+ – $8- Featuring;
– Blood wrestling with the Gorgeous Ladies of BloodWrestling
– Sneak preview of clips from the new Punk Rock Holocaust 3 and Cross Bearer
– Stand up comedy by Zombie Dangerfield – the undead get no respect!
– Live music from the undead Jessica Delfino
– DJ Brian Blackout spinning zombie rock and music from zombie movies
– Zombie Burlesque – these ladies strip off more than clothes, they take off limbs!
– The all-girls Misfits cover band GHOULS NIGHT OUT NY starring Skull Bustin Horror Punk damsels- Glenora Danzig, Tibbie X of the X-Possibles, Aileen of Corita and Miss Carrie Kamikaze
Strip for Pain: America’s most Dangerous Game Show at Midnight
– More madness TBA

Sponsored by Halloween  Adventure (104 4th Ave @ 11th St NYC) Mention NYC Zombie  Crawl and get 10% off all purchases all year long! Also sponsored
by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Shaw Promotion!!

Also, NYC Zombie Crawl is proud to be a part of the Dorney Park Zombie Invasion on August 18th! For one day Zombies will have control over the park, more details soon, you can buy tickets here!! A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting the NYC Zombie Crawl!

Also, due to changing of Facebook’s policies, we had to change the group page to an organization page, please add the new page here now!!

Patricia from the Horrorpops gets her headless zombie freak on in ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’

While you wait for the next crawl, check out some cool videos from the last event!! Also, check out a gallery from the Village Voice on our Zombie Beauty Pageant! (NSFW)

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