How to be a zombie!

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YOU! Anyone can be a zombie, all it takes is a little makeup and a dash of blood. We aim to unite those who share our thirst for blood, brains and booze in NYC!

The history of “zombie walks” at Wikipedia

It’s totally free to crawl with the NYC Zombie Crawl and the first stop where all the zombies gather is always free. We try our best to keep the events surrounding the crawl free or cheap, but in some cases there is admission at the final stop or event.

Most of our zombie events involve drinking, which takes place at a bar so you will need to be 21+ in some cases, so please be sure to bring your I.D. No I.D. means you cant get into the bar. However, zombies of all ages are encouraged to meet outside the first stop and crawl with us through the city. We do try to host All Ages events whenever we can, so keep an eye out!

Make sure to come dressed as a zombie, or you’ll be eaten! We’ll have some zombie technicians with very limited makeup but it is suggested that you provide your own just to be sure you have some. If you bring it, we’ll do our best to help you apply it. See below for tips and ideas on how to look like a zombie.

Every zombie is responsible for his or her actions, while we are crawling AND at the venues. We advise you not to attack anyone who is not involved with the zombie crawl, or to cause any property damage or spit blood on anything that may get you in trouble.

How to be a zombie:

There are quite a few ways to become a member of the undead, but only one is practical if you want to continue living, and that is through SPFX makeup!

We recommend that you go to Halloween Adventure (104 4th Ave @ 11th St, NYC) as they are right in the village and will have everything you need to be a zombie! Mention “NYC Zombie Crawl” and you’ll get 10% off your purchase!

Zombie Dress Code –
– We don’t want to tell you what to wear (we’re not your mother), but we suggest you wear clothing that you do not mind getting messed up beyond repair. A tip is to go to a thrift store and get a cheap suit or dress that you can shred up and zombify. There’s gonna be a lot of hot zombie action! (Fake) Brains and severed limbs also make excellent accessories for aspiring zombies. And remember, you can never have too much blood!

Simple Blood Recipe-
– Pancake syrup
– Red food coloring
The more red coloring you use, the better it will look, you can also add a slight bit of blue or green to make it darker, but dont add too much!

Basic Zombie Makeup – (great for the on-the-go zombie)
– Basic zombie colors- Grey, Green, White, Black (whatever color you choose, we dont discriminate!) makeup for skin, black makeup around the eyes and abrasions (Ben Nye or any other water based make-up is much more effective and comfortable than oil based makeup)
– Ben Nye Fresh scab gel – great for quick oozing cuts and wounds, and to fill in any bloody parts you may need to stay bloody without dripping off much
– Fake blood – too much is not enough!

Advanced Zombie Makeup – (perfect for the zombie professional)
– Advanced zombie colors for bruises, decay and rot – yellow, green, purple, etc. (You can get makeup kits from Ben Nye like the “Death Wheel” or “Bruise Wheel” that have all of the colors you need in one shot.
– Liquid Latex – great for peeling flesh, bigger wounds and a variety of other uses, just make sure you apply this and let dry before you apply your basic zombie makeup over it! The more you layer it, the more flesh you’ll have to rot!
– Cotton Balls – If you dip strips of cotton balls (or toilet paper) in liquid latex and stick them to your skin (before you apply makeup) they make for great scabs and wounds

Professional Zombie Makeup –
– Prosthetic appliances – you can make your own or buy smaller ones at most makeup or Halloween stores that can easily be applied with Pros-aid (a professional, stronger version of spirit gum…just make sure you get the Pros-aid remover)!
– Advanced gore mixtures – you can make multi-use gore of any color or consistency with tapioca starch, you can read Doug Sakmann’s filmmaker blog at more more info!

For other zombie tips, you can check out the info at the Philly Zombie Crawl page!

Other options for being zombified include (all of which involve dying in one way or another, which we do not recommend)
– Being bitten or eaten by a zombie and turning into one of them
– Being reanimated by a mad doctor or voodoo priest or priestess
– Being possessed by a spirit or alien entity
– Inhaling some sort of toxic vapor or being covered in toxic waste (usually manufactured by the government)
– Taking any kind of narcotic that has been exposed to above mentioned toxic vapor or waste

Most of the non-makeup options can be accomplished by hanging out in a sketchy or questionable place until you hear creepy theme music. When you hear the music, you should attempt to run away but then fall down or conveniently get your foot or clothing caught somewhere where you will be fully exposed to any of the above situations.

Again, we do not endorse these methods. We would prefer you use SPFX makeup and continue living.

Contact us at if you have any questions, or if you are organizing your own zombie event!