For the last 14 years the NYC Zombie Crawl has provided a forum for the undead to express themselves in the NY area. Besides organizing massive zombie crawls through the wild streets of NYC and Brooklyn every year, the NYC Zombie Crawl has provided make-up for movie, book and video game releases, national touring acts & film productions. Under the direction of  zombie ringleader Doug Sakmann the NYC zombie crew have worked extensively in the business of transforming average humans into the living dead, having provided Zombie make-up and coordination for such clients as AMC/The Walking Dead, the Tribeca Film Festival, NY Comic Con, SEGA, Sony Pictures, the NY Mets, the NY Islanders, The Today Show on NBC,  Tru Tv and the Impractical Jokers to name a few.

Some of the unique events we have coordinated zombies for include Zombie Amusement Parks, Zombie Baseball Games, Zombie Raves, Zombie Weddings, Zombie Nightclubs and more!

Contact us at info@nyczombiecrawl.com if you’re looking for zombies, SFPX makeup or help coordinating a zombie event or project!

Sponsored by Halloween Adventure (104 4th Ave @ 11th St, NYC) Mention “Zombie Crawl” when buying makeup and props and you’ll get 10% off your purchase!

When there is no more booze in Hell, the Dead will walk the Earth…