Dorney Park Invaded, World Record Won!!

August 20, 2011 by  

For those who were a part of the Guinness World Record, you can order your own certificate to commemorate the event HERE!! Just use the ID# 359343 and code rcum6891RC to order it!

Much love and blood to all our zombies who came out to Dorney Park and helped us set a NEW Guinness world record! 330 Zombies who are the most costumed riders on an amusement ride!! We had over 1500 zombies in the park! Special thanks to our pals at the NJ Zombie Walk and Philly Zombie Crawl, Zombie Beach Party & Zombie Prom and of course NASSAU CHAINSAW DisGraceLand Demolition Committee for an amazing performance, the night wouldn’t have been the same without them!!

Here is a report with pictures and video from our good friends and Zombie sponsor, Shaw Promotion!

Check out some amazing photos from Eric Brown of Time Out NY!!

Check out more photos here!

Check out a video of the official announcement from Guinness about taking the World Record!

Here is cool video from the evening featuing zombies cut with the Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee set, shot and edited by Angelica Vanessa

NJ Zombie Walk Organizers Jason Meehan and Jess Rajs with zombie artist Goddess Shea and moi!

The next big NYC Zombie Crawl event will be on Sunday, October 16th in Manhattan- more info to come!!

Until we bleed again!

Doug Sakmann
-Zombie Ringleader
NYC Zombie Crawl

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