1st Coney Island Zombie Crawl Wrap Up!

July 6, 2014 by  

Thanks to everyone who made our first Coney Island Zombie Crawl so awesome! Special thanks to Coney Island USA and the Brooklyn Cyclones, as well as our friends in Glutton Force 5 Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown and Pat ‘Deep Dish’ Bertoletti for hosting the first Brain Bash at the Beach brain eating contest! Congrats to our winner Molly Schulyer with a record 5 and 1/2 pounds of real brains as well as our runner up in 2nd Dwayne ‘The Brain’ Mendez! Molly was awarded a $200 cash prize and the Femur of Doom, Dwayne got $75 and 3rd place $25 courtesy of Peggy O’Neill’s at MCU Field. Everyone also received prize packs with prizes from the Walking Dead and Diamond Toys as well as Pabst Blue Ribbon and Backseat Conceptions.

Check out the press and photos in the Wall Street Journal and on IBN LIVE and Brooklyn Paper as well as video in this awesome news report from Pix 11 NY!

Also check out our official video of the whole event from our pal Rollersteady

The Brain Bash at the Beach winner Molly Schulyer who ate 5 and 1/2 pounds of brains to win the coveted Femur of Doom (pictured)

July 2nd – Zombie Takeover of Coney Island with the Brooklyn Cyclones and more!

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Wednesday, July 2nd - Zombie Takeover of Coney Island with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Luna Park and Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore!

UPDATES: Molly Schyuler, the winner of Philly’s Wing Bowl 22 (at 363 wings) will be competing amongst some of the world’s top competitive eaters and we’re still looking for a few contestants - ENTER NOW AT www.brainbashatthebeach.com!

The pre-reception at the Sideshow by the Seashore at 3pm and the Brain Bash at 6pm is FREE!! If you bought your discounted ticket packages online, you can pick up your tickets for Luna Park and the Cyclone Rollercoaster at the Box Office at MCU Park (Surf Avenue and W 17th St) Buy advance tickets here for the discounts by entering the exclusive code LUNAZOMBIE ! $16 and $24 ticket options for a ticket to the game as well as a 2 hour pass to Luna Park or the Coaster!

If you don’t want to go to the amusement parks but want to go to the Brooklyn Cyclones game you can be a part of Zombie Night for $10 at the door of MCU Field! And you get a free Brooklyn Cyclones hat!!

At 6pm at our BRAIN BASH AT THE BEACH we’re awarding $200 Cash to 1st Place, $75 cash to 2nd place and $25 cash to 3rd place, presented by Peggy O’Neills at MCU Park!

It’s a HUGE, REAL BRAIN EATING CONTEST!! At 6pm at Peggy O’Neill’s at the Cyclones Field before the game,we’re hosting the BRAIN BASH AT THE BEACH with some of the World’s top competitive eaters including Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown and Patrick ‘Deep Dish’ Bertoletti! Presented by Glutton Force 5! Competitors will compete by eating 10 POUNDS of brains, and the whoever eats the most wins a Cash prize and tons of other goodies!! We’re awarding $200 Cash to 1st Place, $75 cash to 2nd place and $25 cash to 3rd place, presented by Peggy O’Neills at MCU Park!


All the events are in a 5 block radius of each other on Surf Avenue in Coney Island!
ALL DAY: Luna Park and the Cyclone Rollercoaster – Surf Avenue bet W 10th and w 12th St

3p – 5:30p- Zombie Reception at Sideshows by the Seashore – Surf Avenue and 12th street
Zombies meet up, drink specials at the Freak Bar with Zombie makeup artists and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon and Zombie Blood Sangria!!

5:30p - Zombies crawl to MCU Park – (Surf Avenue and W 17th St)

6p - BRAIN BASH AT THE BEACH - Outside Peggy O’Neill’s Restaurant at MCU Park – FREE – Surf Avenue and W 17th St, Coney Island
A REAL brain eating contest with some of the World’s top competitive eaters! Presented by Glutton Force 5 and Peggy O’Neills!

7p -Cyclones Baseball Game at MCU Park -  Zombie Ringleader Doug Sakmann throws out the first pitch as the Brooklyn Cyclones face off against the Hudson Valley Renegades! Zombies take over the stadium with a special seating section and a zombie crawl on the field after the game, Zombies will crawl around the bases led by the winner of the Brain Bash At The Beach!!

Check out the cool video for the Cyclones event here!


Also, check out the action from our 8th annual Springtime Crawl through Brooklyn below!

May 25th Wrapup – 8th Annual Brooklyn Crawl Complete!

May 30, 2014 by  

Another amazing NYC Zombie Crawl! Thanks again to all who crawled with us! Special thanks to all the makeup artists, our buddies Zac Amico and Mark ToxicLife for assisting and of course all the awesome acts at the afterparty – FOR WHOM THE BELL JOELS, Screamin’ Rebel Angels, Skeletal Life, Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters, Rigor Mortis Revue, and Disgraceland Family Freakshow!! Also much thanks to our DJ Tim No 37, the Trash Bar and Bar Matchless & Pabst Blue Ribbon for the zombie fuel!

Our next big zombie event is ZOMBIE DAY WITH THE NY METS on Friday, June 13th! Tickets are a very special rate of only $21 through the NYC Zombie Crawl! Buy tickets here! With the ticket, you get a free Zombie Mets towel, access to the pre-party in the stadium and more! All the details are below in the next post with more coming soon!

We have plenty of photos, videos and press from the May 25th event, check out a portion below!


Driven By Boredom - Zombie Crawl PhotosZombie Afterparty Photos (NSFW)

Alan Bartnett Photography

Steven Rosen Photography


Zombie Mud Run – August 9th and October 4th

May 7, 2014 by  

Fans of Mud Runs and Fans of Zombies come together for the ZOMBIE MUD RUN! A series of endurance events, The Zombie Mud Run is a Post-Apocalyptic 5K Obstacle Course teeming with Zombies infected with the living dead virus. And we have a special deal for NYC ZOMBIE CRAWL fans! The current courses on the schedule are a little out of the NYC area but it’s a day trip filled with zombie goodness! Also, a portion of the proceeds go towards local charities!

August 9th, 2014  – Area 51 Motocross, Batavia, NY‎, Hosted by House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs

Oct 4th 2014  – Tuxedo Ridge Ski Area, West Tuxedo, NY at the Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride

Buy tickets and get all the details at www.thezombiemudrun.com, and use the following codes for a discount!

NYCZOMBIE10off  – Good for $10 off the individual Human or Zombie option  (the Zombie option also allows you to run the race as a human)
NYCZOMBIE5off   – Good for $5 off the group Human or Zombie option – good for a group discount to be even cheaper!

Participants may sign up as a Human or a Zombie.  The Humans run the race with a flag football belt.  These three flags represent your vital organs; Brains, Heart, and Entrails.  The Zombies are stationed along the race course trying to eat your vital organs (capture your flags).  If you finish the race with one or more of your flags, you survive.  If the Zombies capture all of your flags, you are infected with the living dead virus and die (or at least don’t win the race).

The race course is complete with natural and man-made Army boot camp like obstacles that test your strength and endurance.  Like all Mud Runs, you will need to climb walls and crawl in mud.  To add an extra degree of challenge (and fun), we have added Zombies!  Your mission is to get you and as many of your fellow humans through the mud, obstacles, and Zombies, to the Green Zone that has food, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, water, medical supplies, and, music.

8th Annual Brooklyn Zombie Crawl This Sunday, May 25th!

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Sunday May 25th – 8th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl in Brooklyn
4:00p – 6:30p - Trash Bar - 256 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY – FREE – 21+ to enter
Zombie makeup and meetup, $1 Beers from Pabst Blue Ribbon!!

6:30-8:30pm - Zombies invade Williamsburg!!  Stops at McCarren Park and several other places

8:30p - Zombie After party at Bar Matchless - 557 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY – 21+ to enter, $12 for zombies, $14 for humans
- Live music from Purple Pam and the Flesh EatersSkeletal Life & Screamin’ Rebel Angels!
- Special guests - For Whom The Bell Joels - A Metallica themed tribute to Billy Joel
- A special tribute to the late Dave Brockie with GWAR themed burlesque from the undead ladies of the Rigor Mortis Revue - GWARLESQUE!
- DJ Tim No37 spinning throughout the night!!
- Late Night Hot Zombie Contest and more!
$1 Pabst Blue Ribbon from 8:30-9:30pm, $3 Pabst and $6 PBR and Shot specials all night!!

Check out the event video wrap-up from the Zombie Pageant on May 4th from RollerSteady here:

Thanks to all the sexy zombies who joined us at the kick off party for the NYC Zombie Crawl spring season on May 4th with the Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie Pageant at the Beauty Bar NYC! Special thanks to our contestants and winners as well as our guest judges for making it our biggest night in the event’s 10 year history!